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Injured Passion

injured passion
kai-centric, kai/oc, g, 1183 words
Summary: To Jongin, dancing was everything. It was his breath of fresh air, his escape from reality. However, dancing brings about consequences, and that involves numerous injuries, often caused by excessive attention. Will the injuries, coupled with crazy fans, one day affect Kai's love for dancing? Or will a simple gesture instead spark a new form of love in him?

Injury. That word seemed to be embedded in Jongin’s vocabulary. He seemed to be braving injuries almost every single day, gaining new ones before the old ones fully recover. But despite all these injuries, he still did one thing that threatened them all. Dance. He could never stop dancing. Dancing was his passion, his life. The way his eyes would lit up when talking about dancing greatly exhibited the immense love he had for it. Even as he falls and suffers, the one thing that would never change in his daily routine would be dancing. He had a huge number of fans too, of course, and he could not bear to let them down. Every time he gains a new injury, even though the pain would be immense, his love for dancing and his obligation to the fans would result in hastily swallowing a few painkillers and standing on stage again. It was heartbreaking to see him in the state, not only for his fellow members, but also his fans and the people around him. Sometimes even Jongin pitied himself. Why was he still committing himself to this even though it was the cause of his frequent pain? But as the music plays and his body itches to move, he realizes that it’s simply because of one reason. He loved it.

He loved standing on the stage, and he loved dancing for the audience. He loved how people would be awed by his flair, and he loved to bask in all the attention. He loved it when fans scream his name, and most of all he loved the feeling of becoming one with the spotlight.

Dancing to him was not just a sport. It was his sport. It was his method of expressing himself, of relaxing himself, of soothing himself. The feeling of music coursing through his veins was indescribable, and the way his body flowed naturally to the rhythm earned him much praise. However, Jongin was never complacent. He ached to learn more, to improve, and to show a better side of himself. And that was the reason why injuries never seemed to falter his determination.

Today was a day like any other, getting up early and heading to the salon to put on make-up, before heading to the venue of another big concert for rehearsal. His schedule was so hectic that he didn’t have time to think before he was rushed up onto the stage for rehearsal. Due to his waist injury acting up the previous night, he failed to catch even a wink of sleep. His vision blurred as he stood on stage, but he shook the sleepiness and got ready. Once the music played, his body seemed to jolt awake as he started dancing. The tiredness disappeared for the 3 or so minutes as he sweated on stage.

As rehearsal ended and the music stopped, Jongin was in shock. The pain from his waist injury, the tiredness from losing sleep, and the exhaustion from the intense dancing hit him all at once. He staggered a little, knocking into his members, who steadied him with worried expressions. Not wanting to cause unnecessary trouble, he laughed at stood up straight – as straight as he could given his current situation – and walked off stage in what he hoped was a normal manner. Once he was down, he quickly excused himself, looking for an empty room in which he could reside in. As he found an unoccupied waiting room down the hall, he burst in and collapsed onto the sofa, breathing heavily, his hand grabbing his waist as the pain shot through his system.

As he flinched in pain, he tried to recall what caused his waist injury to act up again. The ugly memory of being pushed into a pillar and falling hard on his knees flashed through his mind, and Jongin could not help the hate rising in him. Jongin wasn’t someone to hate, but the pain was clouding his mind and he could not help but wish he did not have such crazy fans. He squeezed his eyes shut again, and another wave of pain crashed over him. The sound of the door flinging open did not seem to reach his ears, as the only sound he could hear was the heavy pounding of his heart. A gentle hand lay on his arm, causing him to fling his eyes open. He could make out the blur image of a young lady not for from his age, causing him to grown inwardly at the thought that she might be another fan. She had long brown hair, big eyes, a sharp nose, and slightly thick lips. The black headphones on her head with a mic attached gave off the impression that she was a staff member, apart from the tag hanging around her neck. A walkie-talkie was attached onto her belt, together with the receiver for her headphones and mic. She was wearing a simple black button down and black jeans, a simple and typical stage hand outfit. On her right shoulder was a messenger bag, with a clipboard protruding out of it.

“Hey are you okay?” she asked, but Jongin did not have the energy to reply. Sighing, she took out a relief patch from her bag and gently tried to remove his hand. Seeing his hesitance, she sighed again. “Don’t worry, I’m not a weird fan trying to rape you. I don’t even know your name! I’m one of the backstage staff.” It wasn’t like there was anything Jongin could do right now, so he resigned and shifted so the lady could do her work. She took out a towel and wiped away the sweat at the area, tentatively pressing down to make sure it was the right place. Hearing Jongin’s sharp intake of breath, she quickly removed the sticker covering the patch and gently placed into onto his waist, smoothing it down. Jongin could not help but study her calm expression as she was helping him, “There, it’s all done. I’ve seen lots of you artists suffering from pains so I always have these prepared. They’re really good; and really expensive. There isn’t much I can do, but if it really hurts that much you should have it checked out.” She said, standing up and making a move to leave. “Oh, and to assure you I’m not a crazy fan looking for your personal items to sell, I’ll leave that sweaty towel with you. Get well soon!”

Jongin stared at her blankly before his arm reached out and his lips parted. “Wait!” she spun around, questioning. “What, what’s your name?” An amused smile crossed the girl’s features, as she took a few steps closer.
“What’s yours?”

“I’m Kai.” He breathed, before he stopped and bit his lips. “Actually… I’m Jongin. Kim Jongin.”

“Well, I’m an intern at the audio department.” She grinned, before leaving the room altogether. Maybe it wasn’t so bad being an idol afterall, Jongin mused. Maybe getting numerous injuries were just stepping stones. Maybe, there were other things besides dance that he could learn to love.
Tags: female: oc, group: exo, male: kai, pairing: kai/oc, rating: g, type: oneshot
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